Private Label

Benefits to Private Labeling

  • Retailers are now becoming increasingly established as brands themselves
  • Private label goods are generally offered for much cheaper than branded goods, due to the lack of advertising, marketing expenses and overhead
  • The cost difference are large enough that retailers can offer customers lower prices while making higher profit margins themselves
  • Brands are sold everywhere, so there’s no brand loyalty in terms of consumer purchase. Retailers can capitalize on this shift by offering quality private label products, which will lead to stronger customer loyalty
  • More control over the stock inventory
  • Flexibility in controlling your own MSRP
  • Branded items help promote your brand and shop.

Not your typical private label program:

  • Low minimum
  • In-house embellishment center
  • High margin
  • First Class Customer Service
  • Quick digital Proofing
  • Quick Turnaround
  • NO set up fees
private label
private label

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