Design Team

Our design and development team keep a close eye on latest trends in apparel,fabric, fabric/ garment finishes, trims & accessories.Our designers work closelywith our clients and provide them with a variety of services from creating spec todesigning a complete range of products.Our team consists of experienced graphicdesigner supported by a sampling unit with skilled pattern masters,technicalpeople and tailors.

Quality Inspection Team

Worldtextile is comprised of experienced personnel that are capable of supportingcustomers at every step of the process.Pre-production teams, risk analysis teamand pilot runs identify potential issues and take appropriate actions to solve them.Fabrics are always inspected and tested before any bulk cuttings are done.Accessories and Embellishment testing adhere to lSo and AATC standards.
Besides our own factories, we work with both certified factories and non-certifiedstandard factories.

Customer Service Team

ODM system is based on more than 10 years of brand development and production experience. Our team carries out new product research and development in line with the market demand according to the clothing version in the European and American market, the requirements of different styles of clothing for opposite accessories and the use of new popular processes. It has won the favor of some clothing brands in European and American markets and has carried out long-term cooperation.